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Where to start learning Android programming?

Where to start learning Android programming? If you are a beginner, follow these 5 steps to start learning Android programming: Step 1: Download Android Studio To program, you need a software called IDE or ‘Integrated Development Environment’. The most popular IDE for Android development is Android Studio, which was released …

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Learn Android programming, why not?

The app market on Android and iOS platforms has never ceased to be “hot”. According to data from IDC, the number of Android smartphone devices sold accounts for 78% market share. At the end of last year, the number of Android devices according to Statista’s statistics reached 1.6 billion units. …

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Higher level programming language with others

PHP programming language According to W3Techs, PHP is used by 82.5% of websites today. Its popularity and distribution among hosting providers, seamless integration with MySQL RDBMS, and start-up applications have created huge demand for PHP web developers around the world, gender. PHP is ranked TOP 3 popular languages ​​in 2010 …

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