Where to start learning Android programming?

By | December 7, 2020

Where to start learning Android programming?

If you are a beginner, follow these 5 steps to start learning Android programming:

Step 1: Download Android Studio

To program, you need a software called IDE or ‘Integrated Development Environment’. The most popular IDE for Android development is Android Studio, which was released directly by Google itself.

Step 2: Set up Android Studio

Next, you will install Android Studio. Before you begin, you also need to have Java installed on your machine to use Android Studio. Specifically, you’ll need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK). Java is the programming language you’ll use, and in this case it is necessary to install the JDK so that Android Studio can interpret and compile your code.

Step 3: Launch a new project

Once you’ve installed your template, you can return to the first page you see when you upload Android Studio. Now select Start a new Android Studio project to get started.

Step 4: Execute an actual application

The app that basically shows ‘Hello World’ is what most new developers will do when they learn to code in the Android language.

Step 5: Try to develop better apps

Learning Android programming is not as difficult as you think, start hard to learn about it today to get the most engaging experience.

How long does it take to learn Android programming?

When starting to learn about Android programming, most beginners will often wonder “How long does it take to learn Android programming”, “Does learning Android programming take a lot of time?” This is a question with many answers, among which there will be factors that will directly affect the time of study of the student.

If you are a student studying at a university or college, the corresponding time to complete the study is 4-5 years at the undergraduate level and 2-3 years for the college level. If you practice and expose you to many highly practical projects in the course of study, when you graduate, with these accumulated experiences, you will find it easy to apply for a job. But on the contrary, if in the course of studying at school, the specialized knowledge you have not grasped well along with the programming skills are not really good, you have not been involved in projects with practicality … After graduating from school, you will almost certainly have to spend a considerable amount of time practicing in enterprises and re-learning knowledge that you are not sure of.

In fact, for the most part, Android programming will be a large number of students and students studying in the center, the study time in these centers is significantly shortened, usually it will only take about 3-6. Months, you will have mastered the programming techniques from basic to be advanced. If you study at a center of assurance, prestige and quality, after finishing the course you will be able to write yourself a complete application and post it on the Google Play Store.

Above is the information we refine to send to you. Hopefully, through this article, you will have an overview and clear orientation before starting to learn Android programming.

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