Learn Android programming, why not?

By | December 7, 2020

The app market on Android and iOS platforms has never ceased to be “hot”. According to data from IDC, the number of Android smartphone devices sold accounts for 78% market share. At the end of last year, the number of Android devices according to Statista’s statistics reached 1.6 billion units. Trading apps on a platform with a very high market share like Android makes your chances of making money also many times higher than that of other similar platforms. If you have a good idea, have persistence, persistence, you absolutely can make money from the apps you have created.

If you do not have the idea or the graphics ability, this is not a big deal, don’t worry, hundreds of companies out there have ideas and are waiting for you to implement those ideas for them. .

The ability to convert applications from one platform to another is one of the important criteria for programmers to decide on which platform to choose for their software and application development career.

This continues to be a big plus for Android programming as Android developers use the Java programming language, so it is easy to switch to other mobile platforms. In addition, Android apps can be easily converted to software on Chrome OS.

With such an appeal and open opportunities, learning Android programming will definitely be a smart move, catching up with the trend for programmers.

Is it difficult to learn Android programming?

This is probably a question that many of you IT students and beginners wonder.

How difficult or easy it depends on your willpower. When entering to learn Android programming, you need to know quite a lot of programming languages ​​such as Java, C, C ++ … to build software, utility tools for different operating systems.

In fact, learning application programming is quite difficult. However, you will not have to compete too fiercely like other typical programming languages ​​like web programming. On the market today there are thousands of apps and websites that allow amateurs to make their own web. Those apps and websites are creeping into every industry and niche on a global scale.

The most prominent among them is WordPress. WordPress allows you to bring everything you want to the web, provides you with deep customization and can be uploaded directly to hosting. WordPress supports easy editing anytime, anywhere, no matter where the database is. The most formidable thing is that WordPress is completely free.

As for Android programming, there is almost no web, any app that allows you to do the same. Android programming requires a very high level of expertise and must meet the standards of Google or Apple to be able to upload to the Appstore or Ch Play.

What does learning Android programming need? Device

Programming can be done on all current computers, but you should still buy yourself a computer with a powerful configuration to be able to work long term. Do not regret the money and choose to buy cheap machines when learning to code. Sooner or later you will also have to buy a new device, which will be a waste of time, at which time you will feel regret for not buying a powerful machine in the first place.


First, to become an Android developer, you need to have a basic understanding of the common and basic programming languages ​​that most coders must know like Java or XML. Besides, your computer must also pre-install software for Android programming. Specifically, here is Eclipse programming software.

Eclipse is a programming software used for many different programming languages ​​such as Java, PHP, C +, HTML … More specifically, Eclipse also has a programming extension for Android. You can download Eclipse version compatible with the operating system you use. Macbook can download version for MacOS and windows is similar


With programming, in addition to knowledge and software, the learners themselves play an equally great role. You still need to work hard, actively learn knowledge, not day 1 day 2 but dreaming of being good at programming. In addition to theoretical knowledge, you need to practice many times to get really fluent.

In addition, you should also clearly define what your learning purpose is to give a reasonable learning path. If you simply study for a degree you do not need to learn too deeply. If you define programming as a profession to make money, then learn it seriously. Let’s start learning about basic programming online first because you are a beginner. If you do not know the basics, the advice for you is to study at the center. There you will be hands-on work, equipped with basic knowledge as well as advanced.

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